Meet the Nganana Team

We Are Passionate About Making Positive Change

Nganana’s team is assembled from skilled professionals passionate about making a difference for people living with disabilities. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that we provide best practice support services to those who need them most.

Our Team


Director and CEO

Mr Stephen Edwards has been working in the community services industry for over 20 years, beginning as a support worker proving direct care before beginning the journey as a service coordinator with Paraquad SA in 2004.

This was followed by a number of years working in Disability SA (case management, senior practitioner, team leader), after which Steve left government to concurrently support two new organisations with service develop and strategic organisational management over six years, from start-up to successful establishment as recognised industry providers.

Steve was one of the first practitioners to develop support structures and advocate for specialist forensic disability service types in South Australia. Likewise specifically cultural service types have been developed and introduced into the disability sector.

Steve has a passion for systemic best practice, including the development of process driven initiatives that incorporate accountability, drive quality, and achieve quantified quality outcomes. Steve has an undergraduate degree in sport and recreation, a diploma of community services, and is currently finalising a Master of Social Work and Master of International and Community Development.

Service Delivery Team


Operations Manager

Yvonne has over 35 years in experience in the disability sector, starting in the Intellectual Disability Services Council as a young social worker, including 14 years as Team Manager (Intake Services and APN Services – Adults with Physical and Neurological Disability), to Regional Manager for eight years with Disability SA supporting multiple teams across Adelaide, Murray Lands and the Limestone Coast. Yvonne believes in self-determination for all, and operates from the fundamental principle of respect and empowerment of the individual in context of their life, needs, values, strengths and culture.

Support and Service Coordinators


SIL Service Coordinator

Baani brings over five years of invaluable experience in the disability sector. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Arts with concentrations in Sociology and Law, she is currently pursuing her Master of Social Work at Flinders University. Baani’s journey in the sector began as a support worker for individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries, later transitioning to roles within Mental Health and the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre. At Nganana, she has held various positions, including support worker and service leader, and now fulfills the role of SIL Service Coordinator.

Baani is deeply committed to advocating for social justice and equity, driven by her passion for addressing systemic barriers and amplifying the voices of marginalized communities. With a strong foundation in Social Work, she endeavours to bring about meaningful change and empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives.


SIL Service Coordinator

With over six years of experience in the disability sector, Daniel has served as a Senior Carer/Shift Leader with the National Autistic Society in the UK, supporting individuals across the autism spectrum in both facility-based and community housing settings. Transitioning to Nganana Inc, Daniel initially joined as an Engagement Support Worker, subsequently advancing to a Service Leader position within Nganana’s Supported Independent Living (SIL) programs, after completing his Certificate IV in Disability. Currently, in the capacity of SIL Service Coordinator, Daniel facilitates the support and coordination efforts for both staff and participants, fostering collaborative environments where personalised plans are developed to empower individuals towards achieving their goals. For Daniel, witnessing the pride and happiness of participants upon reaching milestones is immensely rewarding, and he also cherishes the meaningful connections forged within the Nganana community.


Community Service Coordinator

Abbey has 4 years of experience in various healthcare-related community services, with a passion for helping people. She approaches each individual situation with an open mind, considering their unique circumstances and past traumas compassionately. Through her commitment to understanding and meeting the diverse needs of each individual she works with, she is able to provide personalized support and build meaningful relationships. She is a high school graduate who holds a certificate in Phlebotomy.


Aboriginal Cultural Service Leader

Ali has dedicated over 30 years of her life to working in the disability sector, gaining both professional and personal experience when supporting individuals with disabilities. Her primary passion is to assist Aboriginal participants, their families and community in navigating, advising, and understanding the NDIA processes.

As an Indigenous woman, Ali values her culture and strong identity as an Aboriginal person, where there is no word for disability in the Aboriginal language. Her upbringing in a foster home with children who had mild and severe disabilities, away from family, community, and country, has motivated her to ensure a positive transition and journey for participants within the NDIA. Ali holds a Certificate IV in Community Services and a Certificate in Aboriginal Mental Health First Aid.


Scheduling Coordinator

Brennan has 2 years of experience in community work and is skilled in scheduling from his previous work. He has a keen interest in learning new skills and meeting different types of people. Brennan is passionate about helping others and ensuring that each participant receives the appropriate support from the right person with the necessary skill set. He has completed year 12 and holds a certificate in business. In his spare time, Brennan volunteers as a basketball coach and plays football.

SSC Team


Manager of Specialist Support Coordination

Aswiin (pronounced Ash-Win) has over 5+ years of community services alongside completing his Bachelors of Behavioural Science degree, majoring in Psychology. Aswiin started as a youth support worker for teenagers with criminal justice interface and CALD / indigenous backgrounds. He then moved into the disability industry, starting as a service coordinator, then Specialist Support Coordinator, then management for Specialist Support Coordination services for other agencies, before starting Nganana’s Specialist Support Coordination services.

Aswiin has a strong passion for supporting our most vulnerable communities and individuals, placing the human experience of the individual and their voice being empowered as the primary importance. Aswiin’s drive and motivation stems from lived experience with mental health and racism, and wanting to support our most vulnerable communities overcome the same obstacles he had to experience in his life.


Specialist Support Coordinator

Bernie has a passion for supporting individuals to thrive in their lives and culture and reach their potential. She has experience working with Māori communities in Nelson, New Zealand, where she learned the importance of including family and community in culturally responsive support. Her teaching skills have transferred well to her current role, where building trust and relationships is essential to success.

Bernie has a keen interest in trauma and its impact on behavior, health, and relationships, and is committed to evidence-based best practice. She has 3 years of experience as a Senior SIL Service Coordinator, providing developmental services to NDIS participants with complex psychosocial needs, and has demonstrated her ability to work in remote outback areas with community through her participation in a successful 12-day Return to Land in 2023.


Specialist Support Coordinator

Naomi possesses over 5 years of broad-ranging experience in community services, covering roles in youth work, refugee settlement, NDIS support coordination, and domestic violence advocacy. This background equips her with a well-rounded understanding of community needs. Naomi’s fervour lies in fostering mental health awareness and trauma-informed care, aiming to empower individuals towards self-directed, purposeful outcomes. Backed by a Bachelor of Social Work, a Diploma of Community Services, and certifications in hospitality and community coaching, Naomi possesses a robust skill set and theoretical grounding to effectively advocate for and support those in vulnerable situations.


Specialist Support Coordinator

Chris is a seasoned professional with over 12 years of dedicated experience in Disability and Community Services. Throughout his career journey, Chris has delved into various domains such as rehabilitation counselling, employment services, return to work programs, and currently, the NDIS. Driven by a genuine passion for aiding others, Chris extends his hand to guide individuals, equipping them with the necessary tools and resources to enhance their lives. Recognising the power that knowledge holds, he is committed to empowering individuals with disabilities, drawing from his own personal experiences to inspire others to strive for a better quality of life.

Chris possesses a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences from Adelaide University, a Graduate Diploma in Business from UniSA, and a Certificate III in Finance from KAPLAN. Moreover, Chris is a proud member of the Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors (ASORC), showcasing his dedication to professional excellence and ongoing learning within his field.


Support Coordinator

Qiming brings 3 years of experience in community services, with a diverse range of roles ranging from an Engagement Support Worker to a Support Coordinator. With a passion for working with NIDS participants with CALD background, he is driven to support individuals in achieving self-directed and meaningful outcomes, fostering value and purpose in their lives. Qiming’s work is guided by evidence-informed practice, asset-based approaches, and the person-in-environment theory, ensuring that the participants’ voices are heard and their needs are met.

With a Master of Social Work degree and a Bachelor of Engineering Science in Digital Arts, Qiming is a member of both the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) and the Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA), bringing a wealth of qualifications and expertise to his work.


Support Coordinator

Amber has a year-long track record as a placement student and three years’ experience working in the fields of disability, community day options and service coordination. She is passionate about helping her clients achieve positive outcomes, meaningful goals, and healthy lifestyle. Amber utilizes a trauma-informed approach, strength-based methodology, and respects clients’ lived experience when delivering support. She has a Master of Social Work degree from Flinders University and a Bachelor of Arts (English) degree from Ningbo University in China.


Support Coordinator

Judy has many years’ experience working within the disability sector, first as a disability support worker, later as a service leader supporting participants with complex needs at the front of a 10 person team, and then as a service coordinator working from the office managing several teams of support workers to facilitate quality and responsive service delivery to people living with disability within accommodation settings and living independently with supports in the community.

Judy’s most recent promotion was to the position of level 2 support coordinator, where she has proven herself to be an equally responsive, diligent and competent practitioner of coordination services to her participants. Judy loves people and feels this role is a good fit where she can support people with complex needs achieve needed outcomes and bring clarity to lives frequently marred by complexity and disadvantage.


Clinical Nurse Consultant | Clinical SSC Consultant

Liz as she likes to be known, is a registered nurse (RN) and comes from an extensive background in acute medical nursing: nurse education and program management. Her experiences have been within the Central Adelaide Local Health Network and at times extending to the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network with significant input into developing the new model of care for Older Persons Mental Health Services. Currently Liz is also teaching in the Nursing Program at Flinders University School of Nursing and Health Sciences.

Corporate Services Team


Corporate Services Manager & Financial Controller

Graeme has been working in the Community services sector since 1995, spanning across Melbourne, the UK, and since 2002, Adelaide, with intermittent breaks where he explored other sectors but eventually returned. His experience encompasses roles in Crisis Accommodation, Community Centres, Social Enterprise, Education, Arts and Training, Refugees, and Children and Family Services, apart from Disability services.

Graeme realized the corporate world was not for him when he saw homeless people living in cardboard boxes on his way to and from the office in London, while working for a Swiss bank. He finds fulfilment in using his business and finance skills to help organisations like Nganana provide better services.

Graeme holds a Business (Accounting) degree, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment, and a Master of Social Science (Policy and Management). He is currently in the process of completing his CPA qualification.


Compliance, Quality & Safety Officer

Ahmed’s decade-long experience in community support has included diverse positions and portfolios, working with a wide range of individuals, including indigenous communities in both Australia and Central Asia. In his current role, Ahmed’s primary objective is to ensure compliance, and to continuously improve the organization’s processes and procedures in order to provide the highest quality service.

He is a firm believer in individualized support strategies that prioritize the development, independence, and well-being of individuals, and he advocates for systems thinking as a means of integrating the efforts and coordinating the policies of the various stakeholders involved in an individual’s support network. Ahmed holds a diverse range of qualifications including a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Global Project Management, a Master of Public Health, and a Bachelor of Mathematics. He is a member of the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) and the Project Management Institute (PMI).


Human Resources Advisor

Phoebe has 2 years experience in the human resources industry, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business management, majoring in Human Resources. In her role as Human Resources Officer, Phoebe is responsible for a range of HR functions. Since joining Nganana in May 2021, she has developed a passion and dedication for making a positive difference in the lives of disadvantaged members of the community and to the broader mission of the organisation.

Phoebe has demonstrated her ability to apply her knowledge and skills to make a positive impact in her role at Nganana. Overall, her commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusivity and how she has been able to use these principles, has allowed her to play a key role in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for team members, support workers and participants alike.


Human Resources Administrator

Tracy brings 2 years of valuable experience in recruitment and human resources, initially sparked by an internship where she uncovered her enthusiasm for talent acquisition, employee engagement, and organisational development. She is committed to cultivating a positive and inclusive work environment, and actively contributes to the community. Whether it involves matching ideal candidates with suitable positions or devising HR strategies for dynamic workplaces, Tracy is dedicated to fostering growth and success for individuals and organisations alike. Concurrently, she is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Law and Human Resources.


Finance Manager

Amanda has 10 years of demonstrated track record of success in managing financial operations within the disability care industry. She has a deep understanding of the unique financial challenges facing individuals with disabilities and the organizations that serve them. Amanda’s expertise in financial analysis, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting has enabled her to identify and implement effective strategies for maximizing financial resources and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.


Accountant – Accounts Payable & Payroll

Kitty has extensive experience in accounting, accumulated over 5 years working in not-for-profit organizations. Kitty promotes the principle of sustaining the participants’ and community support team’s well-being in order to preserve the effectiveness of our service. She uses her skills to manage payroll and other duties with the aim of creating a secure financial status for the community support team. Kitty has an impressive background in accounting, with a Master’s degree and CPA membership, and provides invaluable data analysis and financial advice to optimize delivery quality.


Accountant – Accounts Receivable & Systems Support

Kevin is an experienced accountant with a passion for making a positive difference in the lives of disadvantaged members of the community. With a background in banking, diplomacy, healthcare, and disability, Kevin brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his current role. At Nganana Inc, Kevin is part of a team that is dedicated to empowering and assisting people with disabilities to achieve their goals and aspirations. By diligently managing their finances, we help them stay in control of their lives and prepare for whatever the future may bring.

With an undergraduate degree in Economics and Statistics, a postgraduate qualification in Professional Accounting, and ongoing studies towards his CPA, Kevin is committed to staying at the forefront of his field and delivering the best possible outcomes.


Administration Assistant

Rachel has two years’ experience of working closely with the community, driven by her passion to create positive change. Rachel takes great pleasure in witnessing the transformation of the individuals which she sees come through the doors daily and become more confident. She is motivated to keep working in community support, as she enjoys witnessing the growth of the participants and the joy that they experience due to their interactions with us. In 2020, Rachel graduated year 12 and has since obtained a certificate in hospitality and business, as well as two certificates in animal studies.

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