Community Nursing Services in Adelaide

Personalised Care to Help You Manage Your Health

The NDIS will fund specific disability-related health supports where the supports are a regular part of the participant’s daily life, and the need for the supports results from the participant’s disability. The health system will continue to be responsible for the diagnosis, early intervention and clinical treatment of health conditions, ongoing and chronic health conditions not related to a participant’s disability, time-limited (non-ongoing) and palliative conditions, rehabilitation, convalescent care or acute/post-acute care (e.g. hospital and Hospital in the Home).

However where a participant’s disability prevents them from being able to self-manage certain health conditions that a person without disability would be expected to do themselves, the NDIS will provide funding for the care to be delivered by a support worker.

Support types 

The typical types of support available can be grouped into eight ‘support type’ categories.

The following list of fundable supports is not exhaustive, and supports may be delivered in a range of ways. Note: this list was updated in June 2020.

Continence Supports

Diabetic Management Supports

Dysphagia Supports

Epilepsy Supports 

Nutrition Supports 

Podiatry Supports 

Respiratory Supports 

Note: the necessary standards and safeguards for provision of respiratory supports is the subject of consideration by the Intergovernmental Clinical Governance Working group. Any requests to the NDIS are being considered on a case-by-case basis in discussion with local health services. 

Wound and Pressure Care Supports 

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