Disability Services in Adelaide

As an NDIS Provider specialising in developmental service delivery, we understand that there is no such thing as unsolvable problems. With commitment, integrity and innovation, solutions are always revealed.

We Support the Very Independent to the Most Vulnerable

Nganana Incorporated is a relatively new community development not-for-profit organisation first incorporated in September 2018. Our initial focus, drawing on the skills, knowledge and experience of our board and operational team, has been specialising in supporting people living with high and complex needs.

We are now taking that expertise and applying it to delivering developmental services supporting participants with physical, neurological and cognitive disabilities. The evidence-based best practice utilised to achieve developmental service delivery is a key feature of our approach.

Our Developmental Service Delivery Sets Us Apart

We Coordinate Our
Services Locally

We provide level two support coordination with the provider to assist with simpler coordination tasks, such as referrals and appointments, in support of participant goals and objectives.

We Report on

We are committed to reporting protocols designed to capture incidents (risk) and other behaviour on the ABC charts, which in turn informs key stakeholder decision-making.

We Employ Expert

Our service is staffed by a team of committed, informed, and qualified staff. We are committed to our team and prioritise training, a strong workplace community, and WHS regulations.

We Connect Using the
Latest Technology

We understand that every client is a team, which is why we use the latest technology to stay connected. Our collaborative teams include stakeholders, ensuring that everyone is automatically updated on all developments.

We Prioritise

We are committed to upholding communication throughout a participant's support networks, including meetings, updates, progress reports all supporting utilising technology and agreed communication protocols.

We Guarantee

We comply with key reporting strategies: NDIS Commission notifiable incident reporting, DHS Restrictive Practice reporting, Health SA medical administration guidelines, and appointment reporting to stakeholders.

Do you need support?
Our team can help.

At Nganana, we care about providing compassionate care that respects individual needs. If you or a loved one requires support, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help.

We Focus on Developmental Service Delivery

Services that genuinely support an individual to grow and achieve their own goals and objectives need to be developmental; need to be responsive, collaborative, driven to deliver positive outcomes. As a non-profit organisation we are fortunate to be able to invest in best practice initiatives and take advantage of opportunities open to registered charitable organisations.

Salary sacrificing to help build committed teams, and access to free Microsoft licences to link external providers and support collaborative practice are two such examples. Developmental service delivery is essential if the goals and objectives of the National Disability Insurance Scheme are to be achieved.

The Meaning Behind Nganana

All of Us - Together

All of Us” are needed to bring meaning and wellbeing into an individual’s life – “All of Us” can have a component role to play – “All of Us” have a right to be heard and be included.

We chose the Aboriginal word Nganana (meaning “all of us” in Pitjantjatjara) as our business name out of respect for the nations first Australians, and because our work empowering and building capability within Australia’s disadvantaged communities begun by supporting Aboriginal people with the delivery of services from their NDIS plans, including those living in rural and remote locations and retaining traditional practices. From a cultural perspective, the beliefs, values, norms, and customs that make up an individual’s social environment are fundamental to the development of effective and efficient supports. For Nganana culture informs practice, and is fundamental to best practice across any discipline within the community services sector.

Compassionate care is here,
when you need it.

If you or someone close to you requires support to live their life to the fullest, our team at Nganana is here to help. We provide a wide range of services carefully designed to meet your needs.

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